15th September 2010

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Today is the first working day after the Eid holidays. We performed a needs assessment survey to identify the needs of the local population and where we should concentrate our resources for maximum benefit. We decided to concentrate on the villages of Muhib Banda and Pabbi Nowshehra. These villages were located 500 meters from river Kabul and so were devastated by the floods and the larger NGO’s and governmental organisations had not managed to reach them.

We found almost 300 houses had been made totally uninhabitable and 163 families were taking shelter in the brick built Govt. College Pabbi. We decided to distribute our Eid gift packs amongst the children of these families and were touched by the how much joy such simple gifts could bring to children having to suffer so much.

15th september muhib banda 2

Words cannot adequately express the scale of the devastation and the hardship that these children are having to endure and so we have attached pictures to help you better understand the terrible reality on the ground here. The people want to start rebuilding their lives but the absence of NGO`s, governmental organisations, infrastructure and resources is making this monumental task impossible without our help.

15th september muhib banda 3

Over the next four days we will be holding medical clinics in these areas and conducting further needs assessment surveys to ensure that we are alleviating the most pressing problems that our resources can deal with and that we are being as effective as possible. We are looking forward to guidance from the Midland Doctors Association UK executive as to the future focus for our efforts.



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