21st September 2010

by | Sep 27, 2014 | Flood Diary (News), Flood Relief

Today we held a medical clinic at Mahroof Khel, MC-3 Charsadda District. We have been asked by the Midland Doctor Association UK executive to concentrate on those areas where other NGO’s have not been able to reach and this was the first medical camp in the village since it was devastated by the flood. One of the major problems in these sort of disasters is that women and children are disproportionately affected. They die in higher numbers in the initial stages and the ones who do survive are more vulnerable and often experience an “aid gap” as they struggle to obtain aid from distribution points.lady doctor 3

The Midland Doctors executive have therefore encouraged us to try and address these issues in our work and for this reason the clinic we ran today was for female patients and children and this was greatly helped by having a female doctor on our team. We were able to treat 70 patients but there are many more that still need to be treated and we intend returning to the village tomorrow and will also open the clinic to men.

lady doctor 4

Patients: 70

Medicine : 175 (different kinds of medicine)



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