Life saving surgery for 2 year old at MDMI

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The MDMI Surgical team has been undertaking surgeries on adults at the Hospital…….surgeons fly thousands of miles from the UK

They were faced with a dilemma, 2 year old needed life-saving surgery. A 6cm stone was blocking urine flow which could eventually lead to renal failure. Further, such a procedure elsewhere would cost money that the parents did not have.

MDMI surgical team went ahead to break the stone, see the video below

6cm stone gets a shattering

The procedure was successful and became  the first child operated upon for a renal stone at MDMI!!

Dr Shabi wrote “Bilateral ureteric obstruction would have meant renal failure and certain death for a completely treatable condition – thousands die in Pakistan due to lack of provision of health facilities”.

Well done MDMI Surgical team! Support from the Urological surgeons from the UK is commendable. Dr Shabi’s personal work at MDMI is very much appreciated by all.

Such a procedure would have costed Rs9 lac in the private sector, a sum not affordable by most patients attending the MDMI facility. Zakat eligible funds are used to relieve illness and suffering and for a better future for a young child. The team from the UK spend their own money for flights and are not paid for their voluntary work – this is a 0% admin project.

To look at the work of Midland Doctors in detail take a look at the “Day in the life off series”

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