Day 12…

by | Sep 24, 2010 | Flood Relief, Projects

MDAUK Ch Riaz Ahmed led the team with the help of local doctors. The area was so remote that vehicles had to be left to deliver the food. MDAUK was arriving in areas away from the central refugee camps as a large population was beyond reachable. The team have been busy in two villages “Chara Sang” and “Siri Khan”. These villages had been pinpointed by medics from Khyber medical college as they had been out vaccinating. Again we had three doctors and 300 packs of food were distributed and 400 patients were treated by the medical team along with provision of medication. Eye problems were on the rise alongside other existing health problems.

Our team had been approached to consider providing permanent water supply by funding instillation of water pumps etc. The team were pleased to know that water tanks are on the way from the UK as clean water is short. Dr Durrani CEO Khyber medical college had suggested bore holes for villages at strategic points. The surface water and seepage causes soil contamination, therefore a certain minimal depth will be required. These were desperate humanitarian conditions and the MDAUK is focused on food, clothing and medicine. Many were still wearing the clothes they have had to wade in mud with so MDAUK began assembling clothes in Karachi to be transferred to the north of the country.

MDAUK courced more doctors from Khyber Medical college to strengthen the MDAUK medical team in Peshawar and surrounding areas.
We asked Ch Riaz Ahmed to Increase the size of the MDAUK food pack (enough for a family to survive for a few weeks).
MDAUK began working on a system to identify the weak and vulnerable so that they may get supplies in preference.

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