Jodi O’Toole Children’s Ward at MDMI

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Blog, News & Events

Midland Doctors is proud to introduce the Jodi O’Toole Children’s Ward at MDMI in partnership with Canadians for Global Care (CGC) and the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust (ALMT). It is the beginning of a new journey, with the introduction of a new phase and the enhancement and development of the existing services provided at the hospital. The Jodi O’Toole Ward will encompass the Pediatric Emergency Assessment Unit. It will allow Midland Doctors Medical Institute to provide a vital service to the community and more importantly to the young, relieving suffering and saving their lives. We will be able to treat children with Asthma, pneumonia, and diarrhez. Given our limitation of resources, our aim is to utilize international processes for the assessment and management of such children, delivering safe and effective care plans. Please support us and get in contact if you want to become a part of this facet of services. We are very excited and look forward to the success of this department.

How can I help Midland Doctors®?

We are always in need of donations to help run our charity hospital in Muzaffarabad whilst also participating in many other charitable projects across the world. Of course, not all contributions are monetary. Your time and effort to help fundraise, manage and drive our organisation forward will always be welcomed and appreciated!


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