Meeting with the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir

by | Sep 27, 2014 | Blog, News & Events

MDAUK team meets the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir – Sardar Atiq Khan.

Dr Syed Yusuf Iftikhar, Shafqat Hussain, Dr Khalid Latif and Dr Farhan attended a meeting
with the Prime Minister on 28th Jan 07 at the Mumtaz Restaurant Bradford to disuss the proposed charity hospital project in Muzzaffarabad Azad Kashmir.

Dr Syed Yusuf Iftikhar Chairman MDAUK pictured with the Azad Kashmir Prime Minister, Sardar Atiq Khan. Project Manager Shafqat Hussain pictured with the PM and (3rd photo) Ayaz Hussain, Consul General Consulate of Pakistan Bradford and Cllr Ghazanfar Khaliq with PM of Azad Kashmir Sardar Atiq Khan.




How can I help Midland Doctors®?

We are always in need of donations to help run our charity hospital in Muzaffarabad whilst also participating in many other charitable projects across the world. Of course, not all contributions are monetary. Your time and effort to help fundraise, manage and drive our organisation forward will always be welcomed and appreciated!


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