Progress February 2012

by | Sep 21, 2014 | Hospital Development Process, Hospital Project

]Dr. Syed Yusuf Iftikhar paid a visit to the hospital construction site last week. Work has progressed according to the schedule. Second floor construction on the back portion is now being constructed and half of it has already been done. One hope the whole second floor structure will be up and complete by end of March.

Front portion internal walls have been completed and conduits for electrical wire have been placed. Internal hot and cold water supply pipes have been completed and plastering has started from the catering section. Furthermore, chemical coating of front roof is complete. Work to place tiles would commence this month. Furthermore, aluminium framing of windows for fixation of double-glazing has started. Doorframes of front portions have already been fixed. 218 doors are being transported from Karachi. All electrical fitments have already arrived on site.

Solar panels (160 pv panels 300 W each) are being imported from china with the appropriate invertors.

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