Hospital Planning

by | Sep 21, 2014 | Hospital Development Process, Hospital Project

The basic design of the hospital has been based on the advice given by the commissioned architects in conjunction with structural engineers both commissioned in Pakistan and the UK. The founding trustees who are established NHS consultants well versed in hospital practice have provided the clinical input which was felt to be vital to the final design.

Pic(Hos02Pic01)The proposed hospital will be in the form of a General Hospital with both in-patient as well as outpatient facilities and will provide high standards of patient care in a hygienic and empathic environment.

The NHS backgrounds and links of the founding trustees allows access to UK medical expertise that can and is willing to travel to work and facilitate the setting up of the hospital. The charity founding Trustees are existing senior Consultants in the UK NHS. They will be the main administrative authority to ensure the hospital retains its charitable status and to ensure that a strong clinical management structure exists.

One of the key essential features of this facility shall be its ability to withstand any further significant seismic event in the region. Such safeguards in the construction of the facility have been considered essential and appropriate expertise has been sought in the planning.Pic(Hos02Pic02)

The proposed initial capacity of this hospital will be 30 beds.

It will be fully staffed with Surgeons, Physicians, Nursing staff, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Radiologists, Radiographers and regularly visiting highly qualified teams of doctors from United Kingdom to provide expertise not normally available to the people unable to afford private health care.

It is proposed that consultants from principal specialties in the United Kingdom will travel on a regular basis and work in the hospital as consultants to provide medical care as well as provide training to the junior doctors and nurses.

The hospital will have modern and reliable diagnostic services, which would include a fully equipped Radiology Department consisting of X-Ray, ECG and Ultra Sound Equipment and a dependable Medical Laboratory for routine medical examinations.

The surgical division will have two fully equipped and purpose built Operating theatres capable of conducting major surgeries.

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