Workshop Seminars

We don’t just give people fish to eat… we give them skills to fish.

The very first course conducted at the MDMI education centre was of basic surgical skills, where doctors and nurses were trained to tie surgical knots, handle surgical wounds to protect from infection and suture the wounds. Attendees were taught theatre etiquettes, scrubbing, gowning, gloving, instrument identifying, milling of instruments, safe handling of blades and sharp instruments, suturing, bowel anastomosis and understanding of use of electro surgery equipment. Furthermore, use of energy devices like diathermy to coagulate and stop bleeding was explained and skills were taught.

Junior doctors and theatre technicians were very receptive and very good pupils who learnt things very quickly. The future generation of Pakistan and AJK deserve good quality training and this event was the first attempt at such at Muzaffarabad and continuation of on-going commitment to teach how to catch fish.

These trainees will save lives in future using the skills taught.
Nauman Rashid

Thereafter, a course to teach understanding of laparoscopic surgery, its history, various components of modern laparoscopic surgery and its technique was taught to invited junior doctors from all over AJK. The faculty conducting the course was truly international and teaching was done on the prescribed methodology defined by The Royal College of Surgeons, UK.

Since then these courses have been repeated. We are thankful to the industry and organisations, namely Johnson and Johnson, Ethicon, Medtronic’s, Storz, for their support in facilitating such ventures. We also have held courses and workshops on cardiac resuscitation with the help of doctors from Canada volunteering for CGC chaired by Dr Yasmin Majid. A&E consultants from UK, under the guidance of Mr Farhan Rashid, have also conducted resuscitation courses.

We are able to hold workshops to demonstrate live cases from theatre such as laparoscopic nephrectomy and with our in-house technology we are able to hold workshops online to ensure continuity of training. These courses and workshops improve knowledge and skills. It also gives confidence that knowledge and skills are at par with that of trainees and nurses from abroad.

How can I help Midland Doctors®?

We are always in need of donations to help run our charity hospital in Muzaffarabad whilst also participating in many other charitable projects across the world. Of course, not all contributions are monetary. Your time and effort to help fundraise, manage and drive our organisation forward will always be welcomed and appreciated!


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