Notable Visits

Surgical Teams arrive on a monthly basis to the MDMI bringing talent, time, skills and resource… fully self-funded!

From surgeons to urologists, anaesthetists to radiologists, the MDMI is regularly visited by some of the best medical professionals from around the world. Fully self-funded and in their own free time, these generous individuals help our hospital delivery life-changing and life- saving medical treatment to a community which would otherwise be devoid of medical care.

It’s been an honour to be at the Midlands Doctor Hospital in Kashmir. It’s been an amazing experience.
Dr Imran Ghanghro

Below are just a few notable visits over the past year:

  • Mr Amir Khan, Consultant Surgeon & Medical Director, Manor Hospital, Walsall.
  • Mr Aseem Chaudhry, Consultant Urologoist, Bedford Hospital.
  • Mr Farhan Rashid, DM Consultant Surgeon, Luton & Dunstable Hospital.
  • Mr Viqar Quraishi, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Russel Hall Hospital, Dudley.
  • Dr Sarah Makhdoomi, MD, CCFP, FCPP, University Hospital, Calgary.
  • Mrs Sabiha Malik, CEO.
  • Prof Shamim Khan, Consultant Urologist, Guys & St Thomas Hospital, London.
  • Mr Shabi Ahmad, Consultant Urologist, Sandwell & West Birmingham Trust.
  • Dr Klani, Consultant Anaesthetist, Frimly Park Hospital, Surrey.
  • Mr Nauman Rashid, Consultant A&E, QMC, Nottingham.
  • Dr Mahjabeen Hussain, MD, CCFP, FCFP,University Hospital, Calgary.
  • Dr Javed Butt, Consultant Surgeon, Russel Hall Hospital, Dudley.
  • Prof Matin Sehriff, Consultant Urologist, Medway Hospital, Kent.
  • Mr Naseem Waraich, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Manor Hospital, Walsall.
  • Dr Imran Ghanghro, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Sandwell Hospital, Birmingham.
  • Dr Yasmin Majid, Consultant Pain Management, University Hospital, Calgary.
  • Mr Mazhar Malik, Secretary, Canadians for Global Care.

How can I help Midland Doctors®?

We are always in need of donations to help run our charity hospital in Muzaffarabad whilst also participating in many other charitable projects across the world. Of course, not all contributions are monetary. Your time and effort to help fundraise, manage and drive our organisation forward will always be welcomed and appreciated!


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