MDMI Opthalmology Department resumed

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Medical Aid

During the pandemic lock-down of COVID-19 most eye health units had been suspended and as with other departments, the eye examinations were also suspended for prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus. The services at most facilities were limited to only eye emergencies due to which, diseases like Cataract, Amblyopia, Glaucoma and many other diseases that impairs the vision of a person was not being able to be addressed. At the MDMI hospital, the Opthalmology Department sponsored by Mr and Mrs. Hemani have helped to provide preventive methods to preserve vision.

The MDMI has previously engaged in many Eye Camps for providing free surgical as well clinical treatment to patients who visit the facility from far off villages due to the lack of access of eye care in the region.

Many visiting volunteers also facilitate these Eye Camps to ensure the services are provided in the most effective manner and the results have been tremendously encouraging. The MDMI team’s contribution in  keeping one’s eye health in check, can help ensure patients are seeing their best and meeting individual needs related to their occupations, avocation and lifestyle.

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