Virtual Training for MDMI Medical Team for COVID -19 Response

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Education and Training

The Midland Doctors Medical Institute has kept the facility prepared to be converted into an isolation ward if the need arises. The hospital is well equipped to manage COVID 19 patients and give them all the necessary medical attention needed to bring them to better health. The important aspects of this process were addresses yesterday at the facility by assembling the required team for a training session by specialists who have been caring for COVID patients in the UK and the UAE.

The training was conducted by Dr. Farhan Rashid (Consultant Surgeon), UK, Dr. Nauman Rashid (Emergency Unit Consultant(, UK; Dr. Rahim Kayani (Anaesthetist), UK; Ms. Faiza Ahmad( emergency Unit Nurse), UK; Dr. Asrar Rashid ( Consultant Pediatrician, Pediatric Intensivist),UK. The training dealt with all aspects of the disease that has been declared a Pandemic by the WHO. The facility will be following all the guidelines issued by the WHO for the treatment of these patients and also will adhere to the local policies of the region. The MDMI looks to assist the Pakistan government in managing the patients by providing a facility for isolation, also to be able to give medical attention to severely affected patients who may need help in breathing.

The team was given a live demonstration in the donning of Personal Protection Equipment before seeing the patients. The various symptoms to look out to identify the COVID -19 patients were educated in the session, and the tests to be done to confirm the diseases. The various steps to be followed to prevent the spread in the hospital and the community were also elaborated to the staff. These measures are to be strictly followed as these guidelines will ensure that we can control the spread of the disease and ensure the patients seen improve their health with least amount of complications. The staff will continuously receive briefings from these experts on the continued improvements in the treatments being researched and established around the world.

All the necessary equipment for the safe and secure treatment of the COVID -19 pateints will be ensured is available at the MDMI. The Trustees are ensuring the facility will be equipped with all medical requirements to operate an Intensive Care Unit at the MDMI, these include Ventilators, medications, X-ray, Scans etc to make the severely affected patients stable and comfortable.

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