Paediatrics Department Update

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Blog, Hospital Project, News & Events

In July 2016 Midland Doctors Association was delighted to welcome its first honorary executive, Dr Yasmin Majeed, President of Canadian Global Care Society. Dr Yasmin’s first assignment was to take responsibility for funding and organising a dedicated area for a Paediatrics department within the MDMI, which is now fully operational.

The medical team at the hospital now operates a growth and nutrition clinic where the doctors and one nurse have been trained on height and weight assessments using the Manchester STAMP (Screening Tool for the Assessment of Malnutrition in Paediatrics). STAMP is a validated nutrition screening tool for use in hospitalised children aged 2-16 years.  It is a simple 5-step tool that was developed by a team from Royal Manchester Children’s Hospitals and the University of Ulster.

MDMI is believed to be the only hospital in Pakistan using STAMP.

During the month of July and August approximately 600 children were referred to the clinic where 10% were diagnosed as malnourished.  These children are now being treated with dietary and nutritional supplements.

About Canadian Global Care

Canadian Global Care is a non profit registered charitable organization.  The Canadian Global Care Society is a grass roots organization focused on improving the health and well being of under privileged populations within Canada and around the world. Their goals complement ours and they continue to work hard to support Midland Doctors Association in the running of the paediatrics department.

Canadian Global Care Society’s Goals:

  • To support health related projects initiated in disaster struck areas.
  • To promote health related basic education and services in third world countries.
  • Partner with other organisations to promote better health for all.
  • To empower underprivileged and marginalised populations to achieve optimum physical and mental wellness.

Click here to go to the Canadian Global Care Society website for more information.

How can I help Midland Doctors®?

We are always in need of donations to help run our charity hospital in Muzaffarabad whilst also participating in many other charitable projects across the world. Of course, not all contributions are monetary. Your time and effort to help fundraise, manage and drive our organisation forward will always be welcomed and appreciated!


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