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Assalamualaikum by the will of Allah SWT I visited the MDMI hosptial in Muzaffarabad on 20th March 2016 for the second time in the last few years. My mission this time was to get the PACS system fully functioning at the hospital and Alhumdulillah I managed to complete this task successfully.

This is the first PACS system to be deployed in Azad Kashmir and I believe the 4th PACS installation in the whole of Pakistan. The PACS system will allow radiologists and other clinicians based in the UK or anywhere in the World to access the system remotely, review patient data and provide advice and guidance to the local clinicians based at the hospital.

The PACS system was kindly donated to the hospital by a UK based company called Pukka J ( and we are very greatful to them for all the support they have provided us. Without their kind donation this task would not have been possible.

It has been a pleasure to be involved in this project for a number of years now and to see first hand how large areas of deprivation and isolated population in very remote areas benefit from this total free service provided by MDMI.

Speaking to some of the patients they explained their journey in accessing the services at the hospital. For some it takes them a whole day traveling up and down the mountains by foot whilst others use the limited transport available to them. We saw and met very young, old, vulnerable and sick patients access the hospital facilities who said without this service they wouldn’t know who to turn to as they are very poor.

The message from these people along with my family is a “BIG THANK YOU”  to ALL the donors for supporting this great cause and may Allah SWT give you much more in return for your good intentions and donations “Ameen”.

After spending a few days at the hospital me and my wife came across some local children (picture attached) who live close to the hospital and have been greatly inspired by this facility and services provided that it has rasied their ambitions to pursue careers within the medical profession. Therefore, not only does this hospital offer a total free service to the poor and needy but it also inspires the local children with ambitions and hope for a better future for themselves.

May Allah SWT continue to give us all the ability to do good for the less fortunate amongst us. Ameen

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Tanveer Arif

Healthcare IT Consultant

High Wycombe

Midland Doctors Association would like to thank Tanveer for all his help.

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