Eye Camp 2016

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One of our executive trustees, Shafqat Hussain, recently travelled to the Hospital to oversee this year’s eye camp. His report from his trip is detailed below…

image1I arrived in Muzaffarabad with my cousin Khalid Mahmood in the early afternoon. We were greeted by Bilal and Ashraf on our arrival at the Midland Doctors Hospital and then escorted to first floor Accommodation block where our rooms were nicely set up and ready.

At 4pm I attended a pre arranged meeting with all hospital staff in the training room.

I talked about objectives of my visit to the hospital and explained Midland Doctors’ vision and ethics. This included how we raise funds in the UK and the importance of delivering our promise to our supporters and donors. I took this opportunity to get to know all the staff and received positive feedback about my talk.

Dr Hameed Khawaja and his team arrived at midnight with all the necessary equipment required for the eye camp.

Myself and Bilal were ready outside the main entrance from 07:30am to welcome patients. The hard work of our leader has made a significant change in the attitude and work ethic of the local staff. All staff worked hard throughout the day but Bilal and Ashraf were outstanding.

image5 image4 image3

We helped 135 patients during the 1 day eye camp, which started at 07:30am and finished 22:30pm.

Our achievements:

  • 130 Patients – Eye Camp OPD
  • 24 Patients – Operated
  • 80 Patients received glasses

All 24 patients who had eye operations were transferred to the ward for rest and check up by the doctors before they were allowed to go home with 40 days medicine. Patients were requested to visit the hospital within next 2 days for a check up and to remove the bandage.
image9 image8 image7 image6

Free lunch was provided for eye camp patients in the canteen which was very much appreciated by all.

We had some fantastic feedback from the eye camp, which is captured in the feedback video that can be viewed by clicking the link below:


This is probably the most rewarding work I have ever done in my life to help 130 people to improve their lives.

I am very proud to be part of Midland Doctors Association and keen to continue this Eye Camp on annual basis.

Shafqat Hussain

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