Hospital Construction Update 18th January 2010

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18th January 2010

Dear All

Dr Iftikhar visited Muzaffarabad again this week. It was only three weeks ago that the chairman of the charity, Dr  Iftikhar visited Muzaffarabad to check on progress at the hospital  site and to ensure that the project is on track. Dr Iftikhar arrived back to derby only last night after a hectic few days and his. You can see below how the foundation for the hospital has taken shape and the rapidity the with which the structure is beginning to taking place. Despite the cold weather, the workers are dedicated to continuing work through the harsh winter period. Fortunately weather has not hindered progress.

Dr Iftikhar was also invited on TV whilst arriving back in the south of the country to talk about what must be done to improve health-care
across pakistan. On behalf of MDAUK our thoughts are with the people of Haiti who are currently suffering from a natural disaster the likes of which hit Pakistan and we understand to well the problems when you put pressure on an infrastructure that is not ideal.

The Midland Doctors Association dedicated to providing a NHS level facility in the South Asian region of Pakistan administered Kashmir.

With Kindest Regards

Dr Asrar Rashid
Secretary MDAUK

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